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SBHS donates a portion of tips received while street performing to local children's organizations. Below are the groups where donations have been made. We could not have done this without the support of the community and the terribly wonderful people that leave tips.

Young people who leave the foster care or juvenile justice system without safe, stable, permanent family connections face grim outcomes, including high rates of homelessness, unemployment, early parenting and lack of education.

Plummer Youth Promise is changing that by deeply and effectively engaging families for each young person we serve while building their skills and community connections, and by sharing our knowledge with others.

Plummer Youth Promise
Salem's Childrens Charity

Salem's Black Hat Society

For over 24 years, the Salem's Children's Charity has an annual ornament sale as well as a Christmas Fundraiser. During the last year the charity has raised over $35,000. Every year 100% of the proceeds of these two events are distributed directly to Salem children for things  such as eyeglasses, food and enrichment programs.